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Main Frame Manganese steel Manganese steel is a kind of high-strength anti-wear steel, which is mainly used to withstand adverse working conditions such as impact, extrusion and etc. Thickness: 2.5mm; Load capacity: 5000kg


Flooring Multi-plywood Multi-plyweed has the characteristics of not easy to deformation and good indoor temperature and humidity regulation of excellent performance, the surface layer of wood paste material and natural real wood texture and feel; Thickness: 25mm; Load capacity: 5000kg


Floor protect EVA The finished product has good softness, shockproof, anti-skid, strong pressure resistance, high EVA resilience and tension resistance, high toughness, with good shockproof, cushioning performance, heat insulation, heat preservation and cold and low temperature performance; Thickness: 30mm.


Floor Canvas PVC It has non-flammability, high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometric stability.  It has strong resistance to oxidizing agent, reducing agent and strong acid. Thickness: 0.6mm


Mesh Steel Easy to install, high strength, good overall stability, color plastic layer has good corrosion resistance and decorative effect, network shape color optional green, blue, red, yellow, black, white, ect. Mesh: 60mm*60mm.


Back Rest PU It has excellent wear resistance, excellent cold resistance and air permeability, and PU leather has no peculiar smell of real leather. It can be washed and easy to maintain.

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