Rocson factory direct sales MMA cage MC77

Rocson floor mma cage is welcomed by hundreds of gyms and sports centers in the world, especially in Japan, USA, Middle East and Europe. We design a wide range of floor and lifted cages to fit directly onto your sports floor of your gym. It is easy you build and train. Custom production, design and unique warranty makes our cage and rings very competitive in the market. We see our clients' satisfaction comes to the 1st. Never jerry-build. No matter if you are constructing a professional academy or hope to host big events in your arena, consider an MMA cage from Rocson as the core of your facility.

Products Details

微信图片_20230404143527Size: Can be customized Cover sheet: PVC screen cloth anti-skid, waterproof, anti-static, can be printed LOGO according to customer requirements Padding: 3 cm thick high quality EVA cushion Columns: 8*8cm steel tube, thickness of 3mm Frame material: high guage steel tube with a diameter of 50mm, surface waterproof treatment. Mesh enclosure: using high quality steel wire, wrapped in pollution-free plastic, solid and reliable anti-rust treatment, 8 pcs in total Backrest: high quality PU sponge layer, Skirt: PVC screen cloth antiskid, waterproof anti-static, can be printed LOGO according to customer requirements CASE 4CASE 3微信图片_20200103114454微信图片_20210528170526