UFC Competition MMA Cage

UFC COMPETITION MMA CAGE 9m with 1m catwalk, according to the MMA competition rules; Heavy gauge steel structure (60mm*80mm); Heavy duty mesh will not crack or deformation with heavy punching; Mesh height 180cm, warranty 10 years.

Products Details

Platform height 100cm, mesh height 180cm, 8 meshes in total; Frame 60*80mm steel combination, 3mm thickness; Mesh frame tube 50*50mm, 2.5mm thickness; Main frame cross-beam 35 pcs, holding column 14 pcs; 32 pcs of wooden plates (21 layers compound), 2.5cm thickness, double side upholstered with shock-absorption; Imported EVA material, 3cm thickness. (16 pcs of catwalk plates, customized dimension) The skirt, back rest and the floor canvas PVC color can be customized;